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The Organizational Hierarchy of the Bābīs during the period of Ṣubḥ-i-Azal’s residency in Baghdad (1852 – 1863)

"Demonic Texture": Corrosive Subtext of Dugin's 4th Political Theory

170 بررسي اسناد سرقت اموال راسخ توسط ايادي امر الله طراز الله هوشمند ا...

جلسه 169 سوالاتي که باعث طرد سرهنگ ثابت راسخ توسط اياديان امر گرديد...

يا زهراء

Al-Maghrib She is al-Fāṭima ع

End Times

Clowns of Amerikkka Internationale

جلسه 168 نفوذ بهائيان بشکل گسترده در نهاد هاي نظامي براي زمينه سازي نف...

An Exorcism Charm Attributed to ʿAlī

Idris Samawi Hamid Majlis Nov2014

Message to "Aryan Shamloo" who claims to speak for Sheikh Hisham Kabbani

The Reign of Irony and the Sign of the Times

#016 - Islamic Exorcism and Ahmad Al-Buni with Professor Saiyad Ahmad

167 بررسي نقد يکي از مسئولين اطلاعاتي و صيانت و حراست تشکيلات بهايي با...

The Danger of Neutrality | Anna Baltzer | TEDxOcala

166 تحليل آموزه هاي بهائي بررسي نقدهاي ايمان مطلق بر مطالب مطرح شده توس...

VICE's American regime propaganda: How "A World in Disarray" glorifies US imperialism (Ep. 14)

#015 - Professor Saiyad Ahmad on Quranic Theurgy and Islamic Esotericism

When you have no intellectual integrity or moral compass whatsoever

Jason Jorjani and "Iranian Rennaissance" now openly trucking for Zionism and "Greater Israel"

Muhiyidin Moye

مقدمۀ عرش نامه از آثار فرقۀ حروفيه

How Baha'is doxx and attack on Reddit and then manipulate the system when responded to

Baha'i equivocations on racism, fascism and white supremacy

The Liminalist # 145: When Buried Phantasms Reign Supreme (with Guido Preparata)

An Investigation Into Red-Brown Alliances: Third Positionism, Russia, Ukraine, Syria, And The Western Left