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Vice as a megaphone for hipster fascism

Vice should not be promoted or their shit shared imho, however you can easily observe that vice is a leading cultural platform for this western white hipster sleaze fascist culture, whereby YPG women are sexually sensationalised in a sexist manner, where the western hipster culture fused on a massive mass level with fascism and nazism. It's so boring and tired but it's designed specifically to spark off things that attract a weak human condition to it: sex, sensationalism, porn, fascism ~ Sukant Chandan

Vice was started by Gavin McGuiness, one of the most virulently rightwing misogynist nimbledicks among the so-called alt-right. He claims to have broken from Vice, and Vice from him, but that Vice was started by a hipster fascist neck-bearded creep who is one of the most prominent figures of this movement now is not open to debate. The facts are all over the internet. Vice is regularly playing all sides against the middle in order to make ratings and profits. They have been showcasing fascists from day dot while pretending to be liberal postmodernists engaging in a sort of game of boundary pushing transgression. This is bollocks. They are pushing the fascist agenda in an underhanded manner while pretending otherwise. Such things should be pulled apart and smashed into a million particles of dust. And btw Vice has Rupert Murdoch as one of its investors. Nuff said.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Poll Question by Eric Draitser

Poll question...

Which of the following Trump policies that the RT/Sputnik Left promoted vigorously is most likely? 

A. Trump will save Syria
B. Trump will prevent WWIII
C. Trump will roll back NATO
D. Trump will drain the swamp


E. I have a functioning brain and don't pay attention to far right media platforms that are not at all better than US corporate media, even if those platforms have token leftists.

"Are there competing Duginite networks in the U.S.," asks Eric Struch

And the answer is, most definitely, yes, there are.

There is James Porrazzo’s New Resistance (formerly known as the American Front) who is a rival to Matthew Heimbach and his Traditionalist Worker Party who are allied to Arktos, Jorjani and Richard Spencer’s NPI (Spencer: who used to be married to leading North American Duginoid Nina Kouprianova who is allied with New Resistance and its spin-off, the Center for Syncretic Studies, who is probably the FSB handler for all the above). And this is all only in brief, cursory detail.

These multiple and competing American Duginoid centers are part and parcel of the larger strategy of sowing chaos in literally everything (including in the very same white nationalist neo-Nazi groupuscules Dugin and his Kremlin benefactors wish to destabilize North America and Europe with) which RasDugin has spelled out in black and white in his Foundations of Geopolitics as well as the Fourth Political Theory.  

To paid Duginist fascist red-brown infiltration agent Navid Nasr in Belgrade

Nazis and German Russian fascist agents are not "friends" and "comrades," Mr Navid Nasr. New Resistance and its leader is a known quantity to the American Southern Poverty Law Center while the editor of the German Zuerst magazine, which you instance in your latest FB wall rant, is a known quantity to German law enforcement authorities who are itching for any opportunity to swoop down and arrest its editor in chief and charge them under the myriad of Germany's draconian "hate crime" and "incitement to hatred" laws and send them to prison. So I suggest you knock back your paycheck based cockiness a few notches, scumbag, for your friend's sake, at least, lest it come back and bite them in their ass.

People who attempt to recruit others into a refugee and immigrant hatred and racism agenda in order to advance Russian asymmetrical warfare strategies against the German government -- and in so doing deliberately putting vulnerable people in harms way -- are no 'friends', let alone 'comrades'. Such people are opportunist Nazi scum. But thanks for graphically and publicly proving, yet again, the active red-brown strategy of infiltration and Duginist shillery you are a part of in that last rant on your Facebook wall.

Your day is coming, Nasr, and much sooner than you think.  

Ahem *cough*

Now, anyone who thinks Aleksandr Dugin and his networks had nothing to do with the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, just needs to go to this VICE video below (from 10:12/10:15 onward just after David Duke's appearance) to see Mr Matthew Heimbach with their own eyes: Heimbach who is one of Dugin's leading American white nationalist acolytes and führer of the Traditionalist Worker's Party. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Brother Comrade Gauleiter Navidovich

And listen how this Heimbach fawns over his guru RasDugin in the Youtube below:

A Google search of "Matthew Heimbach" and "Dugin" brings up literally thousands of links, here.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Some takeaways from this weekend's events in Charlottesville by Eric Draitser

1. The fascist upsurge that some of us have been talking about for a long time finally reared its ugly head in a public way that no longer can be ignored. For some, my (and others') constant alarms about rising fascism have been a source of irritation as I have made firmly clear that playing footsie with Trump and the far right is a red line.

Again, when discussing the rise of fascism, it must go well beyond the elementary level analysis that some leftists seek to reduce to: "fascists are bad, and so are liberals." This is fundamentally bad analysis which ignores the actually existing political and economic conditions in the US. Instead, we must identify those factors leading to the rise of this fascism AND have the political and organizational will to smash it while its still in its infancy.

2. One point I've reiterated many times in the last 18 months is the fact that Trump is NOT the fascist leader to fear. He is a fascist in his ideological outlook (to the extent he has one), but he is not a fascist leader. Rather, Trump has courted and duped many legitimate fascist formations into supporting him as he has been transformed into the far right Obama, an empty political vessel into which supporters pour their dreams and aspirations irrespective of reality.

No, instead anti-fascists should really ask themselves the following question: What comes next?
Trump is a failed president who will fail further. Eventually, it will be a relatively small segment of the population that supports him (even smaller than the minority that elected him). And while some of the #MAGA believers will bow out of politics, and maybe a handful undergo political transformations as they move left, the majority will be radicalized further right. This means the open embrace of overt fascism.

So what happens when Trump leaves the scene but a burgeoining and growing fascist movement remains? The fascists will be looking and waiting for a political leader. And somewhere, perhaps in some state legislature in Alabama or Michigan, or perhaps the sheriff of some large US city, there is a real, dyed in the wool fascist leader waiting to emerge. He's going to be slicker, more photogenic, more polished, more savvy than Trump. And he won't have some NYC lifestyle with Jewish in-laws and a billion-dollar brand to protect. He'll be the real deal, and he'll inspire the fascists to action in ways Trump simply cannot.

This reality is coming, whether we want to accept it or not. As capitalism continues to collapse further, this is an inevitability. The question before us then is: what will anti-fascist forces do to organize and defend ourselves and our communities? What are we doing right now? Are we where we need to be in terms of organizing for this near future? I can tell you one thing...the fascists are certainly organizing.

3. Our dear comrade Heather Heyer is now a martyr for the cause of anti-fascism. However, there is another, more symbolic meaning to her tragic sacrifice.

As a member of the IWW and Democratic Socialists of America, Heather represented very different political/ideological tendencies on the Left. In many ways she represents the best, and most salient, aspect of Left today: solidarity. She is, in death, a testament to the importance of putting aside sectarian divides in favor of a united pushback against the fascist right.

Remember, that Nazi bastard who plowed his car into a crowd of anti-fascist marchers was not aiming for communists. He was not aiming for anarchists. He was not aiming for Bernie Sanders supporters or Greens. To him, ALL anti-fascist leftists are the same, and all must be targeted. In this way, this murderer illustrated an important lesson for all of us on the Left: ideological differences mean very little when faced with the material reality of fascist violence.

4. I want to reiterate something I've said at times in the last 7 years that have inspired countless arguments with people I know and respect. However, in light of Charlottesville, I'd like to say it again as forcefully as I can.


Naturally, this must be done in an organized way, and no one should give excuses to the State to arrest and lock up comrades. However, there is little doubt (hopefully) now that armed protection against fascists is not only just, it is essential. Anti-fascists must understand the necessity of defending themselves and their families. The march in Charlottesville was not made up of only bandana- and balaclava-wearing revolutionaries. There were young people, elderly, high school students, etc. in that crowd. They will NEVER be protected by the armed functionaries of the state (cops) who, to a troubling extent, are fascists themselves. They deserve protection, and it is up to us to provide it.

5. The rise of the fascist right in the US coincides with the fascist ascendance going on in Europe, and other parts of the world as well. Any forces that are directly supporting/facilitating the rise of the far right have placed themselves squarely in the enemies camp. Recall that the rise of Trump, Le Pen, and Brexit all followed similar trajectories, exploited similar social fissures, and employed similar tactics.

We've watched as fascist parties like Jobbik (Hungary), AfD/PEGIDA (Germany), Sweden Democrats (Sweden), PVV/Geert Wilders (Netherlands), Golden Dawn (Greece), Liga Nord (Italy), Freedom Party/Hofer (Austria), Attack Party (Bulgaria), Serbian Radical Party (Serbia) have grown in recent years. We've seen elsewhere in Asia as India has a fascist-sympathizing president (Hindutva/Modi), and the Philippines with a mass-murdering thug president (Duterte).

What many might not realize is that these political tendencies have been championed as "anti-establishment" by media platforms such as RT and Sputnik which are directly backed by the Russian government. Such politics is propagated by alleged "alternative media" outlets that are directly connected to Russian media (Fort Russ, Katehon, 21st Century Wire, New Resistance, Zuerst!, etc.). Those latter "alt media" sites are directly connected to Russian fascist political operator-cum-philosopher Aleksandr Dugin.

Why do I bring up these last points? Because the Dugin network is in *DIRECT* collaboration with the fascist alt-right that showed itself in Charlottesville. The leading alt-right publishing imprint, Arktos, literally shares its office with Richard Spencer. Jorjani, the little Eichmann who runs Arktos, is a well known fascist whose PhD from SUNY Stony Brook was the subject of controversy after he was outed as a prominent fascist operator.

People need to know this information because the same forces that have backed the rising fascist politics in Europe are doing it in the US. Trump merely enables this, he is not the one responsible for it.
Love and respect to the martyred Heather Heyer, and to every comrade - communists, anarchists, social democrats alike - who took to the streets to confront fascism in the USA.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

How I took down a Duginist alt-right troll

بسم الله الرّحمن الرّحيم

Verily we have granted thee a conspicuous victory! ~ Qurʾān, 48:1

After vigorously resisting an eighteen month online smear campaign waged by a particularly nasty Duginist alt-right troll and his accomplices, on Friday (11 August 2017) the conflict with this particular troll came to a successful conclusion when after a series of email exchanges –- as a result of this troll’s copyright violation of my intellectual property which Facebook corporation complied with -- the troll in question cornered themselves, got nailed and so finally was forced to capitulate in email and apologize for their behavior.  The capitulation by this troll has not, however, been unconditional because I have made a series of legal demands to them which they have to yet fulfill. For their own sake, and if their counsel is worth their mettle, I suggest they fulfill what I have asked them to do because otherwise the legal repercussions will be quite dire indeed for this idiot.

The dire nature of such legal repercussions is due to the fact that the troll in question has been uncovered to be using their employer’s IP over a period of 18+ months in an orchestrated defamation campaign (as well as blatant violations of my copyright and intellectual property) initiated and orchestrated by online acolytes of the Russian fascist Aleksandr Dugin against myself, my family and my friends on Facebook and beyond. The ramifications are huge because during that period of the troll’s activities it makes this major American corporation effectively an agent and accomplice of the interests of the Russian government. Perhaps special counsel Robert Mueller and the grand jury he has empaneled in Washington DC should come and talk to me because this situation sheds clear light on how the Russian government recruits and uses American trolls to do its bidding using American territory and the facilities of American corporations to do so.

Suffice it to say that the troll’s employer is an international company of some renown with representation in Germany where I live and so is liable in law for the actions of its employee. Certainly, and without a shadow of doubt, the troll in question would, at minimum, lose their job, while simultaneously opening themselves up to serious civil litigation by their present employer as well as including perhaps even criminal prosecution.

However, the troll factory of the fascist alt-right based out of the United States needs to learn an important lesson here; and that is, that there are real world consequences for their trolling, defamation and bullying online; that not  everyone is going to  fold and be intimidated by these dumbfucks. Certain people, such as myself, have the ability, the patience, wherewithal and the backbone to go toe to toe with these silly dickheads and beat them at their own game and to a proverbial pulp, especially since cowards hiding behind technology are still and always will be nothing more than just cowards – as the troll in question proved to a moral certainty.

My conflict with the online troll factory of the Russian fascist Aleksandr Dugin is far from over. But, rest assured, more and more people have begun joining this fight with me and my comrades, while the wedges pushed against this master of chaos and his deranged acolytes is reaching canyon level proportions, making him and his movement hemorrhage more and more daily – and hopefully in the end, fatally. As such I promise these spineless hipster fascist nimbledicks, that each and every one of their fates will be no different to the troll I just proverbially scalped. Therefore you people now have a clear choice, so listen up: either walk away, cease and desist from any ongoing trolling and defamation or, as sure as the sun rises each day, and as the Master of the Universe is witness, you will suffer the exact same fate (and worse) as your fallen fascist hipster troll comrade here, you dumb chaosophile motherfuckers!

Finally here, I would like to express solidarity with the fallen comrade Heather Hayer in Charlottesville, Virginia. May she rest in power!

The Duginist Troll-Killer and Iranian 'Rob Reiner Dumbledore' signing out!

No power and no strength is there save in God the High, the Mighty!

 لا حول و لا قوّة الا بالله العلي العظيم

An email by the scalped Duginist troll claims to be attending to the legal matter in question. We shall see in 14 days.

Now, Duginists, pay careful heed: throw whoever you want at me among your cyberspace puppets. Incite whoever you want online against me to take over from where this last troll left off. I will take them down as well.

The Dragon with the Name swallows the chaos and obliterates it in the fire of Heaven!

Saturday, 12 August 2017

إِنَّا فَتَحْنَا لَكَ فَتْحًا مُّبِينًا

Giron, Nasr, Porrazzo, Korybko, Flores, Hussein/Woodward, et al, you are next!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Nathan Abookire
Date: Sat, Aug 12, 2017 at 12:37 AM
Subject: Apology
To: w a


On advice from my counsel, you have a stronger case. I will desist henceforth and move on with my life. You have won. I apologize for the aggravation I have doubtlessly caused you based on this escalating conflict over the year. 


Thursday, 10 August 2017


If you think anti-zionism is anti-semitism, you're a zionist shithead.
If you think anti-semitism is anti-zionism, you're a fascist shithead.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Listen up, fascists! 'Ma Kali' is coming to get ya :-)

African Muslim Slaves in the Americas smarter than their white masters

Because the literacy rate was high in Muslim Africa, and because of a concentration of learned Muslims in America...the literacy rate among Muslims was in all probability higher than it was among slaveholders. Thomas Ewbank -- a founder and president of the American Ethnological Society -- who traveled in Brazil in 1845-46, dined with a Bahian planter who had this opinion about the Mina of Bahia: "Shrewd and intelligent they preserve their own language, and by that means organize clubs and mature schemes of revolution that their Pernamhuco brethern have repeatedly attempted to carry out. Some write Arabic fluently and are vastly superior to their masters." As Brazilian scholar Gilberto Freyre remarked, "in the slaves' sheds of Bahia in 1853, there were perhaps more persons who knew how to read and write than up above, in the Big Houses...."

Sylviane A. Diouf, SERVANTS OF ALLAH: African Muslims in the Americas, 15th anniversary edition, New York University Press, 2013: 160

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הו  יה
يا هو

Friday, 4 August 2017

Turkish article on the descendants of Subh-i-Azal


نُورٌ أَشْرَقَ مِن صُبح الأَزل

 Original link in Turkish, here:

(Google translated from the Turkish; I cannot vouch for the translation, but unless someone translates it from Turkish, I guess this is the gist via Google translator).
The Last Azali living in Cyprus
June 26, 2016

Dr. Ezel Örfi and his Irish wife, Brigite, have been living in Canada for many years. In Cyprus there is a summer house. The doctor is already a kind of "leader" of the Ezekielese people who remain in Cyprus because they are the eldest of the Cypriot male Ezeleri. Dr. Ezel welcomed us in their home built on a slope just above the sea in a village near Kyrenia last Sunday, not breaking our request. The sister of the Doctor Ezel, Abel Sule, who had previously had a chance to meet, had been a kind of kayyumu in the name of the Ezeki heritage until recently. She is still living in the house on the beach in Nicosia. I think he celebrated his eighty-first birthday this year. Both are the grandchildren of Suphi Ezel. When I interviewed three years ago, Mrs. Şule told me that her childhood family insisted on trying to hide that they were eternal-wise. Doctor Ezel Bey also told us that our last day's mother told us that her mothers constantly inspired them to tell this part of their childhood identities and that even if their lives were learned, even their lives would be in danger. On the other hand, those who came from the line of Ezeki in Cyprus also stated that Ezelili is no longer living as a religion. For them, being eternal is synonymous with being a heir of a cultural heritage.

I have written to you that some of the Suphi Ezel family have been living in the island after the death of Ezel and have continued to live among the Turkish Cypriots. Today I am going to introduce you to the members of this family who have lived in Cyprus and have chosen to continue their lives among the Turkish Cypriots, and even married the Cypriots and are now Turkish Cypriots (which I have tried to introduce to you in the above lines) and have survived to this day at least some of the elements of the Ezekiel philosophy.

We know that some of Suphi Ezel's children are staying in Iran, while others are located in Turkey, Germany and France. Before the Iranian revolution, the granddaughter, Sule Mum, went to Iran to visit her relatives at least three times. I even heard from some family rumors that some of the Eternal relatives even found him and her daughter to marry an Ezekiel.

Along with Bahá'u'lláh's establishment of Bahá'u'lláh, Suphi Ezel's supporters and some of his relatives were excommunicated by his son Abdul Baha, who replaced Bahá'u'lláh, and the relationship with Bahá'í-born Babel was now completely cut off. Suphi Ezel chose to make a taqqiyah after he had lost most of his supporters and his followers to his brother, and especially when he was cast as a kalebant by the Ottoman Empire. Another important reason for choosing this is that in 1868, four Babi, who were driven by Akka'ya Bahá'u'lláh, were killed by Bahailer in a short period of time.

Taqqiyah, or "takiyye," is the act of hiding or hiding the identity of a person in the event of a danger. Taking a mockery of shiism "does or does not say anything other than that he believes that he is guilty of defending himself or his property and protecting his soul." Takiyye's history goes back to the early Islamic period in Iran. At that time, with the seizure of Islam's power, we know that many Zoroastrians chose to take the plunder. We are also aware that in 1840, Bab ordered his own disciples to cling to protect their lives. After Bab's death, many Babi had chosen to make a plunder because they were afraid of coming, being killed and being driven. Over time, this type of tactics turned into wholly incompetent, and most of the mechanics were Muslims, and their eyes turned out to be illusions. Doing tactics sometimes led to hybridization, or in other words hybridization. The best example of this is the Sabetaycılar who lived in the Ottoman Empire again. In the 17th century, Sabetay, a Jew who proclaimed himself a Prophet, saved his life by declaring that he had changed his religion to Islam and was being killed by the Ottomans. Later, after Sabetay Sevi, who had made his disciples pass along with other disciples to Islam, or who had made them obedient like Muslims, their loyal followers did not return to Judaism and lived a half Muslim, secret Jewish life in time.

As you know Suphi Ezel came to Cyprus with his two brothers. He introduced himself as a respectable clergyman and even a Muslim pilgrim. More precisely, the Cypriot aide saw her like that, and she did not make her voice. Most people thought it was a Shiite mullah. During the holidays they went to visit and kissed their hand. Nevertheless, some educated elites, such as Namık Kemal, who were in the agenda in Famagusta, the British administrative officers and the Ottoman elites who worked were well aware of who they were. After 1878, the British even paid families a salary. We have talked a bit about Namik Kemal's relationship with Suphi Ezel last week, but I can see that this issue needs to be investigated more intensively.

One of Suphi Ezel's grandmother (Şirin lady's nenesi, married to Fazıl Örfi, who had been the guardian of Namık Kemal for some time, according to Şirin, as the daughter of Şule Sufi tells us) Whenever the guard tried to restrict Namik Kemal, Kemal said, "We came here at our behest." Over time, his friends began to call him Fazil beyi as Ordinance Fazil, and he started to use this nickname as his last name after a while. The lovely lady would give us an official copy of Namik Kemal's great grandfather.

After Suphi Ezel's death, he would try to keep the family in Cyprus together with his son Ali Efendi, who is more likely to be a fabric merchant in Famagusta. The eldest son, Ahmet, had lost all his fortune in Istanbul, and after a while in Cyprus he had migrated to Haifa and joined Bahail. We wrote in the week that we passed the medieval boys Rezwan (Rıdvan) Ali passed the Orthodox and Costi Persianis got his name. There is no more information about that side of the family at the moment. So we can not see what is to Costi or whether he has children or not. So we can not show you that the families of Persianis living in Cyprus have a connection with him.

On the other hand, Ali Efendi's child, who will be the most active Ezli activist in Cyprus, will be his eldest son Celal Ezel. Celal Ezel joined the First World War as a British soldier and served in India for a long time. Shortly after returning to the island in 1920, Celal Ezel went to Palestine and interviewed Abdul Baha according to some sources. The same sources claim that Abdul Baha helped him find a job in the Palestinian title deed. Celal Ezel would also be married to Ismet, the grandson of Baha'ullah. Ezeliler claims that while Jalal Ezel was in Palestine, he never accepted Bahándi, and that Baháíal did.

The lovely lady claims that her great uncle was never Baha'i, but she was close to them after marrying Bahá'u'lláh's grandson. Almost all relatives of Bahá'u'lláh, by the end of the 1940s, were removed from the mainstream Bahír, proclaiming "contractors" by the grandson of Abdul Baha, who was appointed to his leadership in 1921. So as long as Celal Efendi stayed in Palestine, he got close to relatives who were taken from Bahailik. Later on, Celal Ezel returned to the island in 1948 and would find work here at the American Radio Listening Center. With the guidance of Ismet Hanim, Celal Ezel tried to bring together the Baha'i relatives excluded by Shoghi Efendi in 1952 and a meeting he held in Famagusta. Despite all these efforts, he could not realistically unite. However, according to what we learned from his letters and some sources written about him, Celal Ezel criticized Shoghi Effendi increasingly. In fact, some foreign researchers have produced many alternative stories and documents about Bahailik. The lovely lady told us that she went to Famagusta and stayed in her big uncle, and that her older uncle always wrote something in the room on the upper floor of the house and did not even come to dinner sometimes. Celal Ezel died in Famagusta in 1971, leaving many written letters and documents behind him.

We also know that Jalal Ezel was in contact with the Ezel in Iran before he died and visited Iran a few times. The Ezelis, who lived in Iran, were involved in many reforms that took place in Iran in the period following Suphi Ezel's death, from constitutional reform to women's rights. For example, even though the famed State-owned family did "takiyye", they never gave up their righteousness and came to important places in the State and made many reforms as I mentioned before. One of the women of the same family, especially Sıdıka Devletabadi, established the first feminist movement of Iran and released the first women's magazine. Zaban-e Zan (long tongue) was printed in Iran for two years, but then had to continue printing abroad. Sıdıka Devletabadi in 1962, at the age of 80 died in the will of his will to visit the head of the bedrock or women asked not to visit.

Sidıka's younger sister, Qamar Tac Statebad, relocated to Celal Ezel in the 1940s and visited Cyprus in 1950 and met with the Ezel there. He wrote this trip as a 130-page travel note. They have continued their lives in Iran by tearing up the family of the government and they have made great contributions to education and to the development of culture and women's rights.

Both the lovely lady, Dr. Ezel, have alleged that the family is still in contact with relatives living in Iran and Europe. We also know from time to time that they visited Cyprus and that they went to the tomb of Suphi Ezel and prayed to the turtle. In fact, another journalist, Ismet Ezel, who is now in Famagusta, who used Ezel's house as a workshop, said that they wanted to stay in some of the visitors' houses and especially wanted to sleep in the room that Suphi Ezel used as his bedroom.

Again, I will try to convey to Dr. Ezel some of the wishes of these last living Elaives of Cyprus by giving a voice to you. Doctor Ezel tells us during the period of my sobbing that the house of Suphi Ezel, the greatest motive of the family, was transformed into a kind of museum and that the Babylon, which was sent to the island 140 years ago as a kalebant, exhibited some items, documents and pictures bearing the memoirs of this first deceased. Doctor Ezel tells the story of the work of Suphi Ezel's tomb, which is also being transformed into a bigger and more attractive turtle, and that at the end of the conversation, the tomb of Suphi Ezel and each of the other immovable and movable properties it owns are cultural heritage of Cyprus And it would not be back without reminding them of the necessity of conservation.


 Kıbrıs’ın yaşayan son Ezelileri

Kıbrıs’ın yaşayan son Ezelileri

Doktor Ezel Örfi ve İrlandalı eşi Brigite, uzun yıllardır Kanada’da yaşamaktadırlar. Kıbrıs’ta ise bir yazlıkları var. Doktor, hali hazırda Kıbrıslı erkek Ezelilerin en yaşlısı olması hasebiyle Kıbrıs’ta kalan Ezeli asıllı kişilerin bir nevi “önderi” durumundadır. Doktor Ezel bizim görüşme talebimizi kırmayarak, geçen Pazar Girne’ye yakın bir köyde, denizin hemen üstündeki bir yamaçta inşa edilmiş evlerinde ağırladılar. Daha önce görüşme fırsatım olmuş olan Doktor Ezel’in Ablası Şule hanım ise son zamanlara kadar Ezeli mirasının adadaki bir çeşit kayyumu durumundaydı. Halen Lefkoşa’da Kumsal’daki evinde yaşamını sürdürmektedir. Sanıyorum bu sene seksen sekizinci yaş gününü kutlamıştı. İkisi de Suphi Ezel’in torun çocuklarıdır. Üç yıl önce yaptığım görüşmede Şule hanım, çocukken ailesinin ısrarla Ezeli asıllı olduklarını saklamaya çalıştıklarını anlatmıştı bana. Doktor Ezel bey de geçen günkü sohbetimizde bize annelerinin onlara çocukken kimliklerinin bu kısmını kimseye söylememelerini devamlı surette telkin ettiğini ve öğrenilirse hayatlarının bile tehlikeye girebileceğini telkin ettiğini anlattı. Öte yandan Kıbrıs’taki Ezeli soyundan gelen bu kişiler Ezeliliği artık bir din olarak yaşamadıklarını da ayrıca belirtmişlerdir. Onlar için Ezeli olmak kültürel bir mirasın mirasçısı olmakla aynı anlama gelmektedir.
Suphi Ezel ailesinin bir kısmının Ezel öldükten sonra adada kalıp Kıbrıslı Türkler arasında yaşamaya devam ettiklerini geçtiğimiz yazılarımda sizlere aktarmıştım. Bugün ise sizleri, Kıbrıs’ta kalıp yaşamlarını Kıbrıslı Türkler arasında sürdürmeyi seçen ve hatta Kıbrıslılarla evlenip artık birer Kıbrıslı Türk olan (yukarıdaki satırlarda sizlere tanıştırmaya çalıştığım) ve bugüne kadar en azından Ezeli felsefesinin bazı öğelerini yaşatmayı başarmış bu ailenin fertleriyle tanıştıracağım.

Doktor Ezel Örfi ve İrlandalı eşi Brigite
Doktor Ezel Örfi ve İrlandalı eşi Brigite

Suphi Ezel’in çocuklarının bir kısmının İran’da kaldıklarını, diğer bir kısmının ise Türkiye, Almanya ve Fransa’ya yerleştiklerini biliyoruz. İran devriminden önce, torun çocuğu Şule hanım en az üç kez akrabalarını ziyaret etmek için İran’a gitmişti. Hatta aile içi dedikodulardan bazı Ezeli akrabaların onu ve kızını Ezeli biriyle evlendirmek için talip bile bulduklarını duymuştum.
Bahaullah’ın Bahailiği kurmasıyla birlikte Suphi Ezel’in taraftarları ve akrabalarının bir kısmı Bahaullah’ın yerine geçen oğlu Abdul Baha tarafından aforoz edilmişler ve artık Bahaileşmiş Babilerle ilişkileri tamamen kesilmişti. Suphi Ezel ise taraftarlarının ve müritlerinin büyük bir kısmını kardeşine kaptırınca ve özellikle Osmanlı tarafından Kıbrıs’a kalebent olarak sürüldükten sonra içine kapanmış ve taqqiyah yapmayı seçmişti. Bunu seçmesinin diğer önemli bir nedeni ise 1868 yılında Akka’ya Bahaullah ile sürülen dört Babi’nin kısa bir sürede Bahailer tarafından katledilmelerinden kaynaklanmaktadır.

atiye bahai
Atiye Bahai

Taqqiyah yani “takiyye,” bir tehlike anında kendi kimliğini saklama gizleme veya başka dinden gibi görünme hareketidir. Şiilikte takiyye yapmak, “canından veya malından bir zararı def etmen ve kerametini koruman için inandığından başka bir şeyi söylemen veya yapmadır.” Takiyye’nin geçmişi İran’daki erken dönem İslam dönemine kadar gider. O dönemde İslam’ın iktidarı ele geçirmesiyle birlikte birçok Zerdüş’ün takiyye yapmayı seçtiğini biliriz. 1840 yılında Bab’ın kendi müritlerine hayatlarını korumak için takiyye yapmalarını emrettiğini de biliriz. Bab’ın ölümünden sonra da birçok Babi ileri geleni, öldürülmekten ve sürülmekten korktuğu için takiyye yapmayı seçmişti. Zamanla bu tip takiyyeler, toptan inkara dönüşmüş ve çoğu takiyyeci birer Müslüman olarak hayata gözlerini yummuşlardı. Takiyye yapma bazen hibridleşmeyi veya başka bir deyişle melezleşmeyi de getiriyordu. Bunun en güzel örneği yine Osmanlı’da yaşamış olan Sabetaycılardır. 17. Yüzyılda kendini Peygamber ilan eden bir Musevi olan Sabetay, Osmanlı tarafından öldürülmek üzereyken din değiştirip İslam’a geçtiğini beyan ederek hayatını kurtarmıştı. Daha sonra kendiyle birlikte diğer müritleri de İslam’a geçirten veya Müslümanmış gibi takiyye yapmalarını sağlayan Sabetay Sevi öldükten sonra, sadık müritleri geri Museviliğe dönememişler ve zamanla yarı Müslüman, gizli Musevi bir hayat yaşamışlardı.

Celal Ezel'in İran ziyareti
Celal Ezel’in İran ziyareti

Bildiğiniz gibi Suphi Ezel Kıbrıs’a iki karısıyla birlikte gelmişti. Kendini Kıbrıslılara saygın bir din adamı ve hatta Müslüman bir hacı olarak tanıtmıştı. Daha doğrusu Kıbrıs ahalisi onu öyle görmüş, o da sesini çıkartmamıştı. Çoğu kişi onu Şii bir molla sanıyordu. Bayramlarda ziyaretine gidip elini öpüyorlardı. Buna rağmen Mağusa’da sürgünde bulunan Namık Kemal gibi bazı eğitimli elitler, İngiliz idaresi memurları ve görevli Osmanlı elitleri onların kim olduğunu gayet iyi biliyorlardı. İngilizler 1878 yılından sonra aileye maaş bile bağlamışlardı. Namık Kemal’in Suphi Ezel ile olan ilişkisinden geçen hafta biraz söz etmiştik ama bu konunun  daha yoğun bir şekilde araştırılması gereğini de görebilmekteyim.
Şule Örfi’nin kızı Şirin Süha’nın bize anlattığı kadarıyla, Suphi Ezel’in torunlarından bir tanesi (Şirin hanımın nenesi, bir süre Namık Kemal’in gardiyanlığını yapmış olan Fazıl Örfi ile evlenmişti. Şirin’e göre Fazıl beye Örfi lakabını Namık Kemal bulmuştu. Gardiyan ne zaman Namık Kemal’i kısıtlamaya kalksa, Kemal “işte geldi bizim örfi idare” dermiş. Zamanla arkadaşları da Fazıl beyi Örfi idare Fazıl olarak çağırmaya başlamışlar ve o da bu lakabı bir süre sonra benimseyerek soyadı olarak kullanmaya başlamıştı. Aile evini ziyaretimiz sırasında Şirin hanım bize  Namık Kemal’ın büyük dedelerine verdiği resmin bir kopyasını da verecekti.
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Suphi Ezel öldükten sonra Kıbrıs’taki aileyi daha çok Mağusa’da kumaş tüccarlığı yapmakta olan oğlu Ali Efendi bir arada tutmaya çalışacaktı. Büyük oğlan Ahmet ise tüm servetini İstanbul’da kaybettikten sonra bir süre Kıbrıs’ta kaldıktan sonra Hayfa’ya göç etmiş ve Bahailere katılmıştı. Ortanca oğlanlardan Rezwan (Rıdvan) Ali’nin Ortodoksluğa geçtiğini ve Costi Persianis ismini aldığını geçtiğimiz hafta yazmıştık. Ailenin o tarafı hakkında ise şu an elimizde daha fazla bir bilgi yoktur. Yani Costi’ye ne olduğunu veya çocukları olup olmadığını elimizdeki belgelerden göremiyoruz. Bu yüzden Kıbrıs’ta yaşayan Persianis soyadlı ailelerin onunla bir bağı olduğunu ise halihazırda sizlere maalesef gösteremiyoruz.
Öte yandan Ali Efendi’nin Kıbrıs’taki en etkin Ezeli aktivisti olacak olan çocuğu ise büyük oğlu Celal Ezel olacaktı. Celal Ezel Birinci Dünya harbine İngiliz askeri olarak katılmış ve Hindistan’da uzun bir süre görev yapmıştı. Celal Ezel 1920 yılında adaya döndükten kısa bir süre sonra, Filistin’a gitmiş ve bazı kaynaklara göre Abdul Baha ile görüşmüştü. Aynı kaynaklar Abdul Baha’nın ona Filistin tapu dairesinde iş bulmasında yardımcı olduğunu iddia ederler. Celal Ezel ayrıca Bahaullah’ın torunu İsmet hanımla da evlendirilecekti. Ezeliler Celal Ezel’in Filistin’de iken hiçbir zaman Bahailiği Kabul etmediğini, Bahailer ise ettiğini iddia ederler.

Suphi Ezeli'n Kıbrıs'ta yaşayan torunları
Suphi Ezeli’n Kıbrıs’ta yaşayan torunları

Şirin hanım büyük dayısının hiçbir zaman Bahai olmadığını ama Bahaullah’ın torunuyla evlendikten sonra onlarla yakınlaştığını iddia eder. Gerçi Bahaullah’ın hemen hemen tüm akrabaları 1940’ların sonuna gelindiğinde, Bahailerin 1921 yılında liderliğine atanan Abdul Baha’nın torunu Shoghi Efendi tarafından “taahhüt bozanlar” ilan edilerek ana akım Bahilikten uzaklaştırılmışlardı. Yani Celal Efendi Filistin’de kaldığı sürece Bahailik’ten atılan akrabalarla yakınlaşmıştı. Daha sonra, 1948 yılında adaya dönen Celal Ezel burada Amerika radyo Dinleme merkezinde iş bulacaktı. İsmet hanımın da yönlendirmesiyle Celal Ezel 1952 yılında Shoghi Efendi tarafından dışlanmış Bahai akrabalarını ve Ezelileri Mağusa’da düzenlediği bir toplantıda bir araya getirmeye çalışmıştı. Bütün bu çabalarına rağmen gerçek anlamda birleşmeyi gerçekleştirememişti. Fakat gerek mektuplarından gerekse onunla ilgili yazılmış bazı kaynaklardan öğrendiğimize göre Celal Ezel gittikçe artan bir şekilde Shoghi  Efendi’yi eleştirmişti. Hatta bazı yabancı araştırmacıları Bahailikle ilgili birçok alternatif hikâyelerle ve belgelerle beslemişti. Şirin hanım yazları Mağusa’ya giderek büyük dayısında kaldığını ve büyük dayısının devamlı surette evin üst katındaki odasında bir şeyler yazdığını ve yemeğe bile bazen gelmediğini anlatmıştı bize. Celal Ezel 1971 yılında Mağusa’da ardında birçok yazılmış mektup ve evrak bırakarak ölecekti.
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Celal Ezel’in ölmeden evvel İran’daki Ezelilerle de irtibat içinde olduğunu ve bir kaç defa İran’ı ziyaret ettiğini de biliyoruz. İran’da yaşayan Ezeliler ise Suphi Ezel’in ölümünden sonraki dönemde, Anayasa reformundan tutun da kadın haklarına kadar İran’da gerçekleşecek birçok reform hareketinin içerisinde yer almışlardı. Örneğin ünlü Devletabadi ailesi “takiyye” yapmalarına rağmen Ezelilikten hiçbir zaman vaz geçmemişler ve Devlet içerisinde önemli yerlere gelmişler ve daha önce belirttiğim gibi birçok reforma imza atmışlardı. Özellikle Sıdıka Devletabadi adlı ayni ailenin kadınlarından bir tanesi, İran’ın ilk feminist hareketini kurmuş ve ilk kadın dergisini çıkartmıştı. Zaban-e Zan  (uzun dil) iki yıl boyunca İran’da basılmış fakat daha sonra yurtdışına basılmaya devam etmek zorunda kalmıştı. Sıdıka Devletabadi 1962 yılında 80 yaşında öldüğünde vasiyetinde mezarını başı bağlı veya çarşaflı kadınların ziyaret etmemesini istemişti.
Sıdıka’nın küçük kız kardeşi Qamar Taç Devletabadi 1940’lı yıllarda Celal Ezel’le ilişkiye geçmiş ve 1950 yılında Kıbrıs’ı ziyaret etmiş ve oradaki Ezelilerle tanışmıştı. Bu seyahatini 130 sayfalık bir seyahatname olarak da yazmıştı. Devletabadi ailesi takiyye yaparak İran’daki hayatlarını sürdürmüşler ve gerek eğitimde, gerekse kültür ve kadın haklarının geliştirilmesine büyük katkıları olmuştu.

Şirin Süha
Şirin Süha

Gerek Şirin hanım gerekse Doktor Ezel ailenin İran’da ve Avrupa’da yaşayan akrabalarla hala daha iletişim içerisinde olduklarını iddia ettiler bize. Onların zaman zaman Kıbrıs’ı ziyaret ettiklerini ve Suphi Ezel’in mezarını ve türbesine gidip dua ettiklerini de biliyoruz. Hatta şu an Mağusa’da Ezel’in öldüğü evi atölye olarak kullanan diğer bir Ezeli asıllı biri olan, gazeteci İsmet Ezel, bazı ziyaretçilerin evde kalmak istediklerini ve özellikle Suphi Ezel’in yatak odası olarak kullandığı odada uyumak istediklerini söylemişti.
Tekrar Doktor Ezel’e ses vererek, Kıbrıs’ın bu yaşayan son Ezelilerinin de bazı isteklerini sizlere aktarmaya çalışacağım. Doktor Ezel ailenin en büyük emelinin Suphi Ezel’in evinin bir çeşit müzeye dönüştürülmesi ve 140 yıl önce adaya kalebent olarak gönderilen Babilerin bu ilk halifesinin anılarını taşıyan bazı eşyaların, belgelerin ve resimlerin orada sergilenmesi olduğunu bize sohbetimiz sırasında aktarmıştır. Suphi Ezel’in mezarının bulunduğu türbenin de yeniden elden geçerek daha büyük ve çekici bir türbeye dönüştürülmesi için de çalışmalar yaptıklarını anlatan Doktor Ezel, sohbetinin sonunda, Suphi Ezel’in mezarının ve sahip olduğu diğer taşınmaz ve taşınır malların her birinin Kıbrıs’ın  kültürel mirası olduğunu ve korunmaları gerekliliğini de hatırlatmadan geri kalmayacaktı.

Eric Draitser & Sukant Chandan - The Politics of the Grenfell Massacre

Eric sits down with organizer and filmmaker Sukant Chandan to discuss the horrific incident at Grenfell, and the political context in which it should be understood. Sukant provides background information on the community, the economic conditions that led to this disaster, and the activism ongoing around the issue. Eric and Sukant touch on everything from Jeremy Corbyn to the importance of grassroots organizing from a radical, anti-colonial perspective.