Friday, 26 February 2016

Iran Poll close in parliamentary, Assembly of Experts elections

My appearance @2:07min in.

Sputnik International "The Iranian 2016 parliamentary elections"

I talk to Brian Becker of Sputnik International's radio program LOUD and CLEAR (26 February 2016) about the February 2016 parliamentary elections in Iran and the election of the Assembly of Experts. My segment was for part two of the program. The whole program can be found here: .

Sunday, 21 February 2016

The Occult Sciences in Islam

Two separate public lectures delivered by my friend Dr. Siyyid Nizamuddin Ahmad in 2011 and 2013 regarding the occult sciences in Islam.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Ashem Vohu, Ahuna Vairya and 101 Names of God in Zoroastrianism

به نام ايزد بخشنده بخشايشگر مهربان 
Xshnaothra Ahurai Mazdao
Although I am a Shi'ite Sufi Muslim, I also often pray in the ancient liturgical language of ancient Zoroastrian Iran known as Avestan. The following is a recording of me reciting, first, the liturgical prayer known as the Ashem Vohu This is followed by the second of the Zoroastrian liturgical prayers known as the Ahuna Vairya  After this I recite the 101 Zoroastrian Names of God in their Pazand pronunciation Finally, I finish with the Ashem Vohu again.

My translation and interpretation-commentary of the Ashem Vohu  is as follows:

The [cosmic] balance (ashem) [of celestial righteousness] is the All-Good [which is the Universal] Mind (vohu) that [establishes the universal] harmony of being/existence (vahishtem asti). It is [the highest existential] felicity (ushta asti). Thus [the highest] felicity belongs to the one (ushtma ahmai) who [righteously] strives for the [justice of the existential] balance [of the cosmos] (hyatashai vahishtai ashem).

  The 101 Names

Antonio Panaino's
The List of Names of Ahura Mazda (Rome: 2002)
Appendix IV: The 101 Names of Ahura Mazda

Samir Mahmoud: Color Symbolism and the Mystic Quest in Henry Corbin

Press TV Comment: Anniversary of Bahrain''s 2011 uprising

My call in @approx. 17:15 in.

"Human Tidal Wave" important RT Crosstalk on refugee crisis and European...

RT Crosstalk program with Peter Lavelle (aired 19 February 2016), hosting my good friend and activist Sukant Chandran. I fully agree with every point made by brothers Chandran and Chris Bambery in this debate.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Iran Today: Iran's advancements after Islamic Revolution

My brief appearance on Press TV's IRAN TODAY special commemorating the 37th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution 37 years later

My appearance on Sputnik International's program Loud and Clear, broadcast 11 February 2016.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

An Illuminationist (ishrāqī) jannat al-asmā’ (the Paradise of the Names)

Habibollah Shahbazi and N. Wahid Azal (c) 2016

  1. 40 Greatest Name/Dignity of the Sun (al-ism al-aʿẓam/sharaf al-shams) calligrams laid out in a circle.
  2. The 101 names of God in Zoroastrianism (written in modern Persian script), see.
  3. Suhrawardī’s invocation entitled “Glorifications to the Intelligences, the Souls and the Elements,” see here.
  4. The seven planetary squares.
  5. The nineteen aqlām (magical spectacle letters).

Twelve concentric circles represent the twelve constellations of the Zodiac from Aries to Pisces or the twelve Iranian months from Farvardīn to Esfand.  Within the center of the circle, the two additional squares contain (above) the specific invocations to the lords of the talismans of the elements and (below) the soul of the prophets and the hidden hierarchy of saints.
This circular talisman was conceived by N. Wahid Azal and executed to perfection by Habib'ullah Shahbazi.