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The Anglo-American Alt-Right & the Anglo-American Dugin

Zbigniew Brzezinski and Alexander Dugin (circa early 1990s)

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While there is no question that Putin and the Russian establishment do in fact selectively support the Fascist Internationale around the globe, there is also no question that the main locus of the origination, organization, strength, support, diffusion and activities of these groups resides predominantly in the Anglo-American sphere. The so-called alt-right is a North American phenomenon and movement that has spread itself beyond American shores. Yet its overall locus is North America. Richard Spencer is American and his donor bases and main financial support network are American. The overwhelming support for Alexander Dugin and his ideas is coming overwhelmingly from North America too (followed by the UK) and only then finding footing elsewhere. In fact, although I do agree that he is probably a Kremlin insider, Dugin does not seem to enjoy the kind of uncritical support inside Russia among Russians that he seems to enjoy in North America among Americans and Canadians. With the exception of one individual, who is Russian and is always at his side, most of Dugin's leading acolytes and active deputies also remain North Americans. Lots more examples can be furnished here. So I am coming back to my original thesis that Duginism is, generally speaking, an Anglo-American phenomenon.

Then there is the sore thumb issue that Dugin does not seem to have a very good opinion of China even though the PRC is purportedly part of the BRICS/SCO multipolar bloc. This negativity about China isn't limited to the PRC alone on Dugin's part but appears to extend to pre-Communist and pre-modern China as well. The Duginists are Japanophiles and Sinophobes. Yet Sinophobia remains an Atlanticist schtick of the present generation's, not to mention Hindutva's in India whose own deep and longstanding Atlanticist linkages are not even debatable.

Given this, I believe the main thesis presented by Guido Giacomo Preparata in his CONJURING HITLER: How Britain and America made the Third Reich (2005) holds as well for today about the second coming of fascism in the West as it did about the 1920s-30s with the rise of Hitler and the NSDAP in Germany. The same Anglo-American forces behind the rise of fascism in Europe during the last century are also behind it today as well because at all stages of this game it is in fact Anglo-Americans (and only afterwards Europeans and Slavs) who are promoting and diffusing any of this nonsense. So pointing the finger exclusively at Russia alone is actually wrongheaded. It is the USA and the UK who are the main locus for all of this.

See also, The Pilgrims Society: A study of the Anglo-American Establishment

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The false discipline of psychiatry and the failure of Western Sufi shaykhs

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The modern discipline of psychiatry and the so-called science behind it is the single most anti-spiritual doctrine and practice spawned in the modern world. It is also materialism at its worst and one of the most destructive false ideologies and practices being perpetrated on modern human beings that is literally ravaging entire sub-cultures of people everywhere. As such psychiatry is nothing more than Western capitalism's weapon of mass human mental enslavement, a prison for the mind to ensure conformity to pharmaceutical consumerism and its industry on the part of its countless victims. 

Given this, certain Western Sufi shaykhs -- who rather than do their jobs properly as guides and be instruments of healing people (from Above) via the arsenal of vast spiritual tools and knowledge traditional means offer -- have of late been reneging on such responsibilities and instead have been turning people over to psychiatrists. Let's be straight, those so-called Sufi shaykhs who are turning over their murids (disciples) over to Western psychiatrists -- or one notable Naqshbandi-Maryami academic in Georgia who practices psychiatry and is regularly medicating people -- are no shaykhs or murshids at all. Rather such people are criminal accomplices and gatekeepers to a Western materialist discipline and its predatorial pharmaceutical industry. 

At the most basic level, these people are complete failures as spiritual guides and teachers to their disciples. Whatever fancy costumes they wear, or however long they grow their beards, or how many worry beads they hang from their necks, or how well they perform a public role and how well chosen their words may be, or how much in demand as speakers they may be, these people are one and all frauds and charlatans and are not the real spiritual representatives of the Tariqa. Moreover, these people are not real believers (mu'minun) nor have any genuine faith (iman) whatsoever in the Tradition they claim to represent or what it offers. These people are all pretenders to the last, however eminent they think they are or however many dupes they have gotten to follow them.

In the hands of real adepts, the vast, encyclopedic Islamic medical, pneumatological and occult sciences developed over 1400+ years can genuinely help people beyond anything modern psychiatry can grasp on both the preventive and the cure levels. However, despite the pretensions of certain contemporaries, the adepts in our age are becoming less and less and are instead being replaced with performers who are bereft of some of the most basic, practical know-how and skills. Given this, what is the difference between such Western Sufis and their acolytes with the Salafists and Wahhabis? They too have rejected the entire heritage of the traditional Islamic medical, pneumatological and occult sciences and instead found such things as Western psychiatry more beneficial to their warped minds.

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Why I stopped supporting the Green movement of Iran in 2009

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Let me put something out here for the public record since the Zionist contingency of Duginotopia seems to think they have found something on me. Indeed in 2009 I briefly supported the Iranian Greens. Note at the time I was living on the eastern coast of Australia. This support diminished over the course of three months to outright hostility on my part for a number of reasons, which in summary are as follows:

1) Within days after the vote, the entire online support network for what was going on in Iran at the time became quickly apparent to be coming straight out of Empire's troll factory with shills infiltrating every nook and cranny of social media and cyberspace pushing it. This was also the case in the physical rallies that occurred in every major city throughout the West as well;

2) Zionist cheer-leading of events;

3) The appearance of the Baha'is who suddenly threw their full support behind it and began pushing their own agenda and talking points, taking thereby a prominent position among the Green movement outside of Iran -- and apparently inside Iran itself. This factor was also instrumental in my final falling out with Hamid Dabashi who went on from 2009 to 2012 to become a veritable lobbyist for the Baha'is inside the Green movement.

At this point it became apparent to me that the Green movement of Iran was more than just a protest movement against purported voter fraud during the 2009 Iranian presidential elections or authoritarianism. Nor will I ever support any movement or organization which has Baha'is in its ranks as prominent players. Moreover, even though the interior ministry of Ahmadinejad's government acted in a clumsy fashion and called the election prematurely on the basis of exit polls, there was no question that after all the votes were actually counted that Ahmadinejad had in fact won the election of 2009 and Mir-Hossein Mousavi had lost. When all of this was proven to my satisfaction, it was time to throw in the towel on this fake Langley-commandeered and orchestrated movement.

Be that as it may, let me make another thing clear. I have no love for Ahmadinejad or his supporters. Ahmadinejad the man may be a pious and good, simple man. Ahmadinejad the political operator was a disaster for Iran and the world, with his presidency and his divisive politics playing right into the hands of Iran's enemies. Ahmadinejad's quixotic geopolitics also briefly hailed the Arab Spring and applauded the fall of Ghaddafi and the destruction of Libya. Furthermore, I have no love for many of Ahmadinejad's supporters inside Iran itself, as many of these people are extremist fruit-loops -- or corrupt to their fibers -- many of whom also regularly glorify fascism, Hitler and the Third Reich. Let me also underscore for people here how many former cabinet members and staff that left Ahmadinejad's administration in June 2013 walked away as multi-millionaires -- millions they did not possess before the term of Ahmadinejad's government from 2005-2013. In short, Ahmadinejad was Iran's version of Donald Trump, and Iran can do well without him. I believe the Supreme Leader of Iran fully agrees with me here which is why he advised Ahmadinejad not to run for the presidency again in 2017.

Now, stemming from the events of 2009, some paid fink went and committed an ID theft against me in 2009 posting all kinds of garbage on USENET, Reddit and Stormfront attempting to smear my name and make me appear as something that I am not. The ID theft originated on the site which was then crawling with Zionist shills and spooks of every description. On USENET this ID thief posted all kinds of pro-Green nonsense in my name; sometime later on Reddit and Stormfront, all kinds of white supremacist BS were posted. None of these postings were by me. Stormfront finally took down the ID theft postings after I sent them demand letter after demand letter, and finally a DMCA take down notice which did the trick.* Reddit disabled the account associated with the ID theft but refused to delete the posts. With Google I have been in a pitched semi-legal battle of sorts ever since 2009; and even with a 2014 European Court ruling called "The Right to be Forgotten," they still refuse to take the posts down.

These are the facts, and the Zionist contingency of Duginotopia can go and suck on a rotten egg. You ain't got diddly, Abookire and Giron.
Comment to the post: Sohel Nadeem Rahman As you know very well brother, I also briefly supported the Greens as did many of my mostly Principlist brothers and sisters actually living and working in the IRI at that time. Our support quickly dissipated for reasons similar to yours. And if memory serves me correctly, so did quite a few of the backbiting Iranian-Americans the Duginist cult closely associates with nowadays. "Where is my vote?" was the most used hashtag by that crowd.


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I don't think the posts by the user using your name constitutes a DMCA violation. But we've disable the account snd deleted all its posts, since it was obviously not you.


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Shills, Spooks, and Sufis in the service of Empire: The Case of the Maryamiyyah

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Page 102 of Abdollah Shahbazi's book

Shills, Spooks, and Sufis in the service of Empire: The Case of the Maryamiyyah

N. Wahid Azal © 2016

The Greatest Name shall do its thing, O heart, be of good cheer
For by wile and guile the demon shall never become Solomon.

~ Hafiz

The following is an augmented version of an article that was originally published by CounterPunch on 2 November 2016. The piece was subsequently taken down by its editor in chief only eight days later on 10 November 2016 after a veiled threat of a lawsuit made in email by a former Bloomingtonian member of the Maryamiyyah Sufi Order to CounterPunch [1]. Instead of properly investigating the matter and vetting the article with an attorney suitably informed of the facts -- not to mention while completely ignoring a number of emails sent to them, including those by Mark Sedgwick, Zachary Markwith and others, asking them to put the article back up -- CounterPunch chose to capitulate to the demands of the Maryamiyyah made through a proxy and so permanently deleted the article from their site. So much for CounterPunch’s claim to being the “fearless voice of the American Left’”[2]!

As in the past with other authors and other venues, this now appears to be a set pattern with the Maryamiyyah with virtually any publication critical of them: they will threaten the publisher, the author or both with legal action until the venue or author relent and a critical publication is withdrawn from circulation. Capitalizing on the situation, some American based acolyte-hoodlums of Russian occult fascist Alexander Dugin then took the opportunity of the article’s deletion by CounterPunch to launch an online smear campaign against its author (i.e. myself), making outrageous claims in the process while concocting a litany of allegations out of thin air: outrageous claims and allegations which are primarily meant as a sort of cheap psychological reversal and distraction tactic, a sleight of hand and smokescreen, as it were, from a few of their own eyebrow raising linkages to the American NeoCons via Seyyed Hossein Nasr and the Maryamiyyah which this article very briefly underscores. By inference this later incident in itself further bolsters the case establishing the close contacts between the Duginists and the Maryamiyyah Sufi Order, and thus the Maryamiyyah’s own deep connections to the so-called ‘alt-right’ or -- as it should be more accurately phrased –- the ‘Fascist Internationale’, not to mention Alexander Dugin’s own linkages to prominent North American based figures and organizations connected to the American deep state.

Be that as it may, in 2014 a former, estranged disciple of Seyyed Hossein Nasr’s -- an ex-Maryamiyyah member -- first informed me that Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Alexander Dugin and his Eurasianist organization are on quite intimate terms, apparently sharing similar long-term political aims, and not just where their purported Traditionalism is concerned. At the time this revelation struck me as a bit odd since Nasr (and specifically his son Vali-Reza) are staunch Atlanticists –- Vali-Reza Nasr being the veritable prized subaltern ornament of Neoconservatism in America [3] -- whereas Dugin and his Eurasianism ostensibly (at least where the rhetoric is concerned) stand at the very opposite pole. The more involved and complex details of this Nasr-Dugin nexus is a lengthy discussion better left for another day, only to say that -- and as recently outlined in one academic monograph [4] --  this unlikely fellowship may actually have something to do with Frithjof Schuon’s (d. 1998) underlying ideological “Aryanism” with its “de-semitization” of the theosophical Sufism of Ibn ʿArabi: an ‘Aryanism’ and ‘de-semitization’ that Dugin’s brand of occult fascism would very much be in agreement with. Also in brief, there are two other noteworthy pieces of evidence that corroborate what this ex-Maryamiyyah contact indicated: one is Dugin’s own publicly expressed interest in the Maryamiyyah Sufi Order at a 2011 conference in Moscow [5] with the other being his publicized meeting in Iran during 2013 with Gholamreza Avani -- Avani being Seyyed Hossein Nasr’s Maryamiyyah khalifa (chief representative) for Iran [6]. But let us turn here now to the checkered history of the Maryamiyyah Sufi Order itself, which Seyyed Hossein Nasr currently heads in its North American branch [7].

The Maryamiyyah Sufi Order

The Maryamiyyah [8] is the Sufi order created by the Swiss writer and esotericist Frithjof Schuon (d. 1998) which stems from an Algerian sub-branch of the Shadhiliyah Sufi Order [9]. After briefly visiting North Africa in the early 1930s to meet the charismatic Shaykh Ahmad al-ʿAlawi (d. 1934), from the mid 1930s onward Schuon attracted disciples of his own in his native Switzerland while as of 1936 he also began claiming to be the successor to this same Shaykh Ahmad al-ʿAlawi. The actual successors of Shaykh Ahmad al-ʿAlawi, however, have adamantly denied Schuon’s claims and instead maintain that Schuon only spent a sum total of a few days with their master in the early 1930s; that he was barely even initiated into their order, only authorized to transmit the Muslim confession of belief (i.e. the shahada); let alone being the Shaykh Ahmad al-ʿAlawi’s successor. This, and other related controversies, soon led to a bitter schism within the ranks of the Traditionalist school and specifically a personal falling out between Frithjof Schuon and the leading intellectual light of the movement, the Frenchman Rene Guénon (d. 1951).

Stemming from this schism, a recent study in Persian on the Maryamiyyah by eminent Iranian historian ʿAbdollah Shahbazi suggests that Guénon’s premature death in Cairo in 1951 may have even been somehow orchestrated by the Maryamiyyah itself, thus making of Guénon’s demise possibly a murder at their hands [10]. Bolstering the allegation by inference, we have other earlier sources suggesting it also. For example, on page nineteen of a PDF entitled ‘A René Guénon Album’ which is found on the site -- above two separate pictures of, first, Frithjof Schuon with Guénon at his bedside and then of the bedridden Guénon on his own -- we find this quite suggestive statement: “A strange episode: for six months, René Guénon was immobilized in bed because of a so-called crisis of rheumatism. In fact, Guénon confessed, this crisis was the effect of some kind of malefic forces directed against him by the “adversaries” [11]. Given the timeline here in the specific context of the dissension raging at the time among these two warring factions of Traditionalists, “adversaries” is obviously a reference to the Maryamiyyah and not to those adversaries of the past which Guénon claims he took flight from to Egypt in 1930 [12].  Whatever the ultimate truth of the matter, and there is much by way of circumstantial evidence pointing to foul play, there is also no question that had he lived longer Guénon’s rivalry with Schuon would have certainly proven deleterious to the Maryamiyyah’s long-term political interests, especially in regard to its consolidation as the public face of Traditionalism in the anglophone West, not to mention control over a neo-Traditionalist publishing industry the Maryamiyyah subsequently spawned in North America and Britain as well as the political influence and patronage it was to enjoy in coming years from regimes such as that of the Pahlavi Shah in Iran, the Court of St. James in Great Britain and the rightwing American political class of the Republican Party.

Particularly after Rene Guénon’s death, Frithjof Schuon’s Maryamiyyah Sufi Order (based at the time in Basel, Switzerland and now operating almost like a quasi-Masonic order) began spreading among some elite Western intellectual circles, claiming in its ranks some notable figures among the academic Islamic Studies as well as the Comparative Religious Studies establishments of the time (e.g. Huston Smith, Victor Danner, Cyril Glasse, William Stoddart, to name a few). During the 1960s Schuon now claimed mystical visions of the “Divine Feminine” in the naked form of the Virgin Mary who anointed him the Avatar of the Age, the Imam Mahdi, the Return of Christ, the Fifth Buddha, the incarnations of Kalki and Vishnu, etc. Within its specific Islamicate context, Schuon’s claims, his ‘universalist’ teachings, and some of the details of his visions of the divine feminine are eerily similar to those claimed by the Baha’i founder Mirza Husayn ʿAli Nuri Baha’u’llah (d. 1892), with other striking similarities existing between Bahaism and the Maryamiyyah that deserve detailed comparative analyses in its own right. Today both also enjoy a very cozy relationship with the state of Israel -- with the former also sharing a cozy relationship with the Gulf potentates as well as the Moroccan elite.

One feature of the Maryamiyyah practice which they are noted for is that they pray to Schuon as well as the Virgin Mary; and, along with offering blessings (salawat) to the Prophet Muhammad and the Madonna, the order also offers daily blessings (salawat) to Frithjof Schuon –- a feature of their practice which would certainly scandalize any orthodox Muslim, Sunni or Shiʿi alike. Much of the Maryamiyyah’s teachings and practices also seem to share common elements with the Indian Tantric Left-Hand Path tradition. Schuon’s ‘sacred nudity’ and his spin on the nature of the ‘divine feminine’ would be easily recognizable to any genuine Tantric initiate. Be that as it may, and even under the mountains of obfuscatory terminological mumbo-jumbo that the Maryamiyyah regularly use to conceal the fact, the Left-Hand Path is never mentioned nor is it remotely the ‘orthodoxy’ that Schuon insists upon in his books; but rather it is the very same ‘heterodoxy’ he incessantly decries. To date, the Maryamiyyah have never forthrightly acknowledged this fact or dealt with it in any honest manner.

That said, in 1980 Schuon, his family, entourage and disciples moved from Switzerland to Bloomington, Indiana, and henceforth made it the Maryamiyyah’s headquarters. A series of scandals and public defections rocked the cult throughout the 1980s, and in the early 1990s Schuon was even briefly indicted by an Indiana Grand Jury. These scandals stemmed from Schuon’s “Primordial Gatherings” in Bloomington were scantily clad members of the Maryamiyyah –- with Schuon sometimes appearing completely naked donning only a Native American Lakota head-dress -- would publicly engage in activities resembling something between a Native American pow-wow, a Sufi majlis and a Tantric maithuna ceremony. However, the scandals were very swiftly covered up and the public prosecutors and attorneys involved against the Maryamiyyah were eventually intimidated and browbeaten by unknown, behind the scenes actors to drop the case against Schuon: a case, I might add, involving allegations by ex-members of criminal sexual impropriety in the presence of minors (including paedophilia and related felonies). Schuon was also accused of forcing some of his leading disciples to divorce their wives, which he would then promptly re-marry as his “vertical” or ‘spiritual’ wives [13].

Schuon died in 1998 and left a splintered, scandal-ridden organization in his wake with one group gravitating towards the figure of Martin Lings (d. 2005) in the UK -- who had served as Guénon’s secretary in Cairo while also being among Schuon’s earliest disciples -- with another group congregating around the figure of Seyyed Hossein Nasr in the Beltway area of the United States. More diehard Schuonites stayed in Bloomington, Indiana, and refused to recognize either Lings or Nasr as Schuon’s putative successors and continued with their syncretistic, nudist “Primordial Gatherings” as before.

Nasr, the Maryamiyyah after Schuon and its marriage to Empire

Both Nasr and Lings brought the Maryamiyyah closer to the circles of Western elites. To some degree this was already a process in full swing during Schuon’s own lifetime. But Nasr and Lings each in turn made closer alliances with the British establishment and the American deep state, going so far on occasion to operate in the capacity of covert and clandestine fronts for Anglo-American ‘soft power’ in numerous locales throughout the Muslim world [14]. Seyyed Hossein Nasr himself was already a royalist insider in Pahlavi Iran, especially during the last two decades and a half of the Pahlavi regime, earning his post at Aryamehr (now Shahid Beheshti) University due to his intimate connections with the Shah’s royal court and Farah Pahlavi specifically. It was as a consequence of his royalist connections that he was forced to flee Iran in 1979 following the Islamic Revolution.

That said, while not formally accounting himself among the ranks of the Maryamiyyah, Prince Charles, for example, considers himself to be some kind of soft Traditionalist as well as an avid fan of the writings of Guénon, A.K. Coomaraswamy, Schuon, Nasr and other Traditionalists. It should also be pointed out that the presence of Schuonian Traditionalists among assorted reactionary monarchist groups and organizations is a regular feature of their activities virtually everywhere around the world. This would also explain their proximity to the Moroccan royalty and elite.  What is not widely appreciated is their alleged closeness to the various potentates and elites in the Gulf kingdoms (who are not usually known for their love of Sufism), and particularly those in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Due to his skills and vast connections, some ex-Maryamiyyah members even contend that Martin Lings himself may have been a life-long operative of the British SIS/MI6 [15]. Then there is Seyyed Hossein Nar’s long-time association and friendship with Henry Kissinger; the fact that prominent Turkish Maryamiyyah member Ibrahim Kalin has served as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s official spokesman in Turkey for some years now; not to mention the proximity of the Maryamiyyah to the Jordanian royal family and Prince Ghazi specifically who publishes “The Muslim 500” which regularly lauds the policies of the corrupt Gulf kingdoms and celebrates Anglo-American and Israeli policy against Iran and Syria [16]. According to one anonymous contact, long-time Maryamiyyah member Abdallah Schleifer is the Maryamiyyah’s main point of contact with the Jordanian elite and “The Muslim 500” specifically [17]. Schleifer’s connections to US Central Command (CENTCOM) are also publicly acknowledged since he made a 2004 documentary about it for Al Jazeera. What is not widely known is the anonymous contact’s assertion that Schleifer was the person originally responsible for setting up the Qatari media network Al Jazeera in the first place [18]. Certainly the Russian occult fascist Alexander Dugin knows all about these things yet continues in his association with Nasr and the Maryamiyyah, which defies conventional explanation when he, his organization and the Russian state that Dugin advises pretend to stand as geopolitical adversaries to everything Nasr, his Maryamiyyah Sufi Order and these hardcore Atlanticist connections represent.

On the ground in North America, the Maryamiyyah’s rank-and-file is predominantly composed of upper middle-class professionals (monied and college educated) with white upper middle-class converts being the most preferred among recruits. Liberal, left-leaning and anti-establishment members entering the order are often required to become apolitical and focus instead on the “inner life” and forgo politics altogether. But over time they are turned conservative (or, rather, reactionary) and instead made to support the establishment conservatism of the Republican Party. One former member has alleged that Seyyed Hossein Nasr was actively canvassing for George W. Bush among his acolytes during both the elections of 2000 and 2004 and for John McCain in 2008, proving that father and son share identical political views and that the proverbial apple does not fall far from the tree. Be that as it may, so much for the ‘Traditionalism’ that ostensibly seeks to shun the convoluted and corrupt materialist politics of the ‘Reign of Quantity’, especially the politics of the West which Traditionalists are supposed to believe represents the epitome of this ‘Reign of Quantity’ – or, as they elsewhere like calling it, “the system of the Antichrist.” The same contact also reported rampant classism, racism and similar discriminatory, elitist attitudes prevalent throughout the Maryamiyyah Sufi Order together with an almost “congenital hatred” for all forms of liberal/leftwing and social justice causes, issues and charities [19].

Moreover, to deflect and smokescreen from his own role in the Pahlavi regime, Seyyed Hossein Nasr has even gone on public record recently besmirching the memory of the late leftwing Islamologist ʿAli Shariati (d. 1977), accusing him of having been a SAVAK mole [20]; this, while other former members have alleged that the FBI, DHS, NSA, CIA and other agencies of American law enforcement and the US deep state are crawling all over the Maryamiyyah Sufi Order as either full-fledged members, affiliates or sympathizers [21]. American Traditionalist Charles Upton, who is not affiliated with the Maryamiyyah, stated that, “I can confirm…the allegations from my own knowledge, including those relating to connections between the Maryamiyya and the intelligence community…” later also adding “…One Dr. Majid Naini made that claim to me some years ago that “Nasr is CIA”, and said that he was virtually regent of Iran for about a year when the Revolution was brewing and the Shah was dying of cancer. This confirmed the impression I formed around 1996 when a murid of Dr. Nasr’s bragged to me that she and some of the other fuqara were attending Arabic classes also attended by CIA agents…” [22]. This later allegation appears to be confirmed by four recently released Wikileaks cables from 1976 which establish Nasr's connections to Henry Kissinger and CIA Director cum US ambassador to Iran Richard Helms [23]. According to Markwith, these Wikileaks cables deserve closer scrutiny because they prove Nasr is not merely guilty by association. Rather they point to the fact that he was acting in the capacity of an informant for both the CIA and SAVAK. The documents are between Henry Kissinger –- then US Secretary of State for the Ford administration -- and former US Ambassador to Iran and CIA director Richard Helms. Nasr apparently approached Kissinger and Helms on behalf of the Shah to target the Iranian intellectual Reza Baraheni for assassination [24]. That same year as these correspondences and meetings occurred (i.e. 1976), SAVAK was exposed for initiating a plot involving the planned assassination of Reza Baraheni and other dissident Iranian intellectuals then residing in the United States [25].

As a process that began under Schuon, the Maryamiyyah has also firmly entrenched itself within important segments of the Islamic/Mid East Studies establishment of the Western Ivory Tower as well as in parts of the Muslim world, strategically placing proverbial ‘gatekeepers’ in key places, as it were.  Besides Seyyed Hossein Nasr himself, William Chittick, Terry Moore, Hasan Awan, Reza-Shah Kazemi and Alan Godlas are presently just a few of those names associated with the Maryamiyyah at its highest level [26]. And as mentioned above, Iranian scholar Gholamreza Avani, who was also at one time a student of Henry Corbin’s -- who, for his part, was either generally aloof, if not hostile, to the views of Guénon, Schuon and the Traditionalists -- is the most eminent figure of the Maryamiyyah Sufi Order in Iran today, being Seyyed Hossein Nasr’s khalifah for Iran.

In recent times, allegations of abuse and cult-like behaviour continue to bedevil the Maryamiyyah’s reputation. A noteworthy incident is the one cited by Koslow (and reiterated by Shahbazi in his book) regarding the initial publication schedule for Mark Sedgwick’s ‘Against the Modern World’. Apparently the book was supposed to have been published by Oxford University Press earlier than 2004. Koslow claims that Sedgwick wrote to him in 2004 to say that Oxford University Press had been “…threatened by the Schuon cult with legal harassment [regarding its initial publication draft]. Rather than face the mafioso tactics thrown at him by the Schuon cult, Sedgwick…backed down and published a rather weak assessment of Schuon’s polygamous activities, criminal actions, visions of nude Virgins and delusions of grandeur…” [27]. But based on statements made on his blog and in private correspondence with me, Mark Sedgwick’s recollection of the events in question are somewhat less dramatic than Koslow’s account of them quoted above. However, it still remains that the earlier, unpublished draft of ‘Against the Modern World’–- a copy which I perused in 2003 -- contains much explosive material about Schuon and the Maryamiyyah that were tout court excised in the subsequently published version by Oxford University Press. Besides interfering with publications and their authors, former Maryamiyyah member Zachary Markwith has also gone on record recently claiming similar impropriety in Bethesda on the part of Nasr similar to those Schuon was once accused of during the Bloomington period [28].

Withal, it should be underscored that Sufism has not always been (nor is it in all present circumstances) in the service of First World imperial, neo-colonial agendas or otherwise irredeemably corrupt to the degree that the Maryamiyyah is. Historically many individual Sufis and Sufi orders have actually stood against Western imperialism, colonialism and their lackeys. Amir Abd al-Qadir Jaza’iri (d. 1883) in Algeria, Shamil Daghestani (d. 1859) in the Caucuses, Umar Mukhtar (d. 1931) in Libya and those Iranian Sufi masters with their disciples who stood on the side of the people during the period of the Iranian Constitutional Revolution (1905-09) and later with the Islamic Revolution of 1979 are just some prominent examples of Sufis who have stood against both authoritarianism as well as the colonial powers of their day.

Unfortunately Western (and specifically Anglo-American) Sufism has increasingly gone in another direction, allying itself more and more with the agendas of Western establishments and the core interests of Empire in the Muslim world (the Naqshbandi-Haqqani Sufi Order is another notable example here as is Ian Dallas and his group in South Africa). This turn to the darkside by organized Sufism in the West may also explain one of the heretofore unnoted factors in the growth of Islamist ideologies and organizations among countless disaffected, marginalized (immigrant) Sunni Muslim communities, since such a blatant infiltration of Sufism by the Western establishment, with the inevitable corruption it brings with it, is unquestionably as big a betrayal of the ‘Tradition’ as Islamism itself is. It certainly also explains why a country like the Islamic Republic of Iran is generally weary of the influence and activities of such organizations as the Maryamiyyah Sufi Order and similar.


[1] The reader is referred to the following blog post, ‘CounterPunch, me and Shahbazi against Mark Koslow and the Maryamiyyah’, (retrieved 1 December 2016); my correspondence with Mark Koslow which led to CounterPunch’s action can be found in full, here:  (retrieved 1 December 2016).

[2] To add insult to injury, CounterPunch has since gone on to give voice to a piece of fantasist, NeoCon anti-Iranian agitprop in the form of an article supporting a violent Kurdish militant group well-known for its ties to Israel and Saudi Arabia, a group which has murdered and terrorized countless Iranian Kurdish villagers and officials; see  and (retrieved 2 December 2016).

[3] See Gregory A. Lipton, “De-Semitizing Ibn ‘Arabi: Aryanism and the Schuonian Discourse,” Journal NUMEN, forthcoming. The article is based on chapter three of the author’s doctoral dissertation, ‘Making Islam Fit: Ibn ‘Arabi and the idea of Sufism in the West’ (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill: 2013).

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[7] Seyyed Hossein Nasr’s specific circle in Maryland is sometimes also hyphenated as the Maryamiyyah-Nasriyyah (Farasha Euker, private communication, 2014).

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[12] The case is further strengthened by the fact that at that time Guénon had been specifically accusing Martin Lings –- who had been acting as his personal secretary in Cairo since 1938 and who had subsequently gone over to the Maryamiyyah –- of spying on him for Schuon, intercepting and tampering with all of his communications for the Maryamiyyah (charges which Lings, of course, later denied); see, Mark Sedgwick Against the Modern World: Traditionalism and the Secret Intellectual History of the Twentieth Century (Oxford University Press, 2004): 128 and 305n56. In other words, two key partisans of Schuon, namely Martin Lings and Whitall Perry, had full control and unimpeded access to Guénon himself personally, his household, office and effects, communications with the outside world, food supply, personal safety as well as any/all medical assistance obtained during this period. As such not only was there a motive by the Maryamiyyah but they also had full access to Guénon himself physically in order to execute any possible nefarious designs they may have had on Guénon’s life. Of course this all being speculative, nevertheless any genuine criminal investigation anywhere in the world today, even if no prima facie physical evidence can presently be established, would certainly look at such facts and its trajectory as being credible enough to warrant further inquiry.

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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Wikileaks on Seyyed Hossein Nasr

Wikileaks has recently published four cables relating to Seyyed Hossein Nasr which establish Nasr's connections to Henry Kissinger and CIA Director Richard Helms back in 1976. According to one source, these Wikileaks cables deserve closer scrutiny because they prove Nasr is not guilty by association, but because he was an informant. The documents are between former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and former US Ambassador to Iran and CIA director Richard Helms. Nasr approaches Kissinger and Helms on behalf of the Shah to target the Iranian intellectual Reza Baraheni. The same year as these correspondences and meetings—1976— SAVAK is exposed for a plot involving the planned assassination of Reza Baraheni and other Iranian intellectuals on US soil.

Here below now are the URLs to the four cables and their screenshots.


Thursday, 24 November 2016

Winter is here

The (s)election of Trump to one side, some white American liberals and their counterparts across the pond seem to be shocked and surprised by the white supremacy whose coat-tails the Donald rode in on. Either they have been asleep their whole lives or they are in complete denial -- or both. White supremacy and racism is a reality that every single person of color of any shade or level deals with in the white dominated world 24/7 from one end of the globe to the other. It is in our face all the time, and often even in the unlikeliest places -- sometimes among folks who may even call us comrades. The response of many people of color living in the West who want to "make it" or "get along" is to adapt to its harsh realities. But the fact of the matter is, with or without a swastika or white head-sheet attached, over two-thirds of white Anglo-Europeans have been conditioned over a life-time to buy on some level into the Racial Contract. It has become an unexamined instinct, often an automatic reflex without any deliberate volition involved on their part. Very few (but they are there) among white Anglo-Europeans truly understand this and decontaminate themselves from its grasp.

That being said, holding hands and singing "koombaya" or "we shall overcome" will not get rid of this global pestilence of white supremacy and the white Anglo-European's belief that he is the ubermensch with the right to exploit the rest of humanity, the whole earth itself and every other living creature upon it. Endless Marxian analysis and hair-splitting won't do it either. Even physical war will not eliminate its scourge once and for all. The source of white supremacy and its Racial Contract is metaphysical. It is occult and the white man's literal power and sorcery. It is his possessing Demon which possesses its own across the board. Every fascism -- from Mussolini to Hitler to Franco to the Zionists to Pinochet to Trump, not to mention Western imperialism, colonialism and capitalism at all stages -- in the modern world has proven this fact to be axiomatic. And it is an axiom that no secular Leftist can ever grasp because he/she does not even possess the analytic tools -- let alone the requisite hiero-intelligence -- to comprehend its true deeper, subterranean and hidden, occult dimensions. 

Fascists understand the occult because they grasp the power of symbols and symbolism and what it can do and how to successfully manipulate it. Many of them become masters of it; and when they do, watch out. So it is here, at this point beyond the immediate observable phenomenon of causes and effects, where this White Demon must be fought and defeated. It is indeed an Occult War: the forces of Balance and Harmony versus the forces of chaos and destruction; the counterpowers of darkness versus the powers of Light; the holy knights of the Earth-Angel versus those who would despoil and ravage Her for angra mainyu/ahriman; the 313 partisans of the Imam Mahdi versus the legions of Antichrist; the armies of the Hiero-Intelligence ('aql) versus those of the acosmic ignorance (jahl), etc. Those who do not understand this yet will certainly fall at the wayside in the coming war for the very Soul of the World itself because Winter has arrived and the White Walkers have indeed breached the wall.

Rostam kills the White Demon, the Shahnameh of Ferdowsi

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The publisher Arktos and the nazification of Anglo-American regime change efforts against Iran

Arktos US editor-in-chief and Raiders of the Lost Ark 'Major Arnold Ernst Toht' look-alike Reza Jason Jorjani

In early 2015 I became enemy number one in social media to the followers of Russian fascist Alexander Dugin after I publicly queried on the Facebook list, The Center for Syncretic Studies, the rather bizarre relationship of one of the chief editors of Arktos, namely John B. Morgan, with the neo-Nazis of the Kievan junta (specifically Svobodha but there is also some suggestion as to the Right Sector as well). Since Arktos is the publisher of Dugin’s The Fourth Political Theory and has been promoting his works, it defied reason why Dugin would be associated with a publishing company where one of its staff would be connected to the very Ukrainian Banderists that Dugin has been denouncing for some time – and for which vitriolic denunciations he had even lost his position at Moscow State University in late 2014. After this public expose, my wife and I were maliciously attacked by nazi James Porrazzo both privately as well as on the Center for Syncretic Studies -- Porrazzo being Dugin’s chief New Resistance operative in the USA -- even though Porrazzo himself had been vitriolically denouncing these same “Banderists” for over a year (see also, this posting).

Now, the publisher Arktos is the leading anglophone alt-right (i.e. Fascist/neo-Nazi) publishing outfit operating today in the West. Arktos (and under one of its other labels, RADIX) has published many of the English translations of Alexander Dugin's works as well as works by Alain de Benoist and others. In the United States, Arktos has recently been taken over by a neo-SUMKA/neo-Pan-Iranist named Jason Reza Jorjani (a half Iranian) who is openly an Islamophobe and regularly calls for the overthrow of the present system in Iran while peddling the most extreme caricatures of Iranian dislocative nationalist discourses (also see). Clear evidence can be found at the following links below:

The neo-SUMKA/neo-Pan Iranist emblem often displayed by Jorjani on a few of his online publications. The symbol that looks like the 'not equal' sign on white is supposed to be a rune representing the mythical Simorgh. According to one statement made on the former site (now offline) by an anonymous poster in 2011, the green background of the emblem was specifically adopted in 2009 as a sort of nod to the Langley-Tel Aviv pupeteered "Green movement" which came about during the election fracas of 2009.

That said, SUMKA was the Iranian Nazi party founded in the late 1940s/early 1950s with ties to the Pahlavi royal court which included some eminent royalists as one time members, such as Daryoush Homayoun and apparently even General Fazlollah Zahedi (i.e. the post-coup junta installed Iranian prime minister of 1953-4). SUMKA and the Pan-Iranists were among the organizations which the CIA's Kermit Roosevelt mobilized via the Rashidian brothers against the government of Mohammad Mossadegh in the coup d'etat of August 1953. Often SUMKA and the Pan-Iranists have been treated as separate organizations when recent studies (such as Ali Rahnema's Behind the 1953 Coup in Iran) have demonstrated their memberships to have been the same, and that SUMKA and the Pan-Iranists were essentially two fronts for the same group of Aryanist Pahlavi royalists pursuing the same ends. In Iran today SUMKA and the Pan-Iranist party are banned organizations, but both have been resurrected by some pro-monarchist Aryanists among the Iranian diaspora in the USA and so have become active again. This resurrected neo-SUMKA/neo-Pan Iranist organization is also widely rumored to be funded and controlled by Mosad and the Israeli intelligence establishment. Since the coup of 1953, its ties to the American Central Intelligence Agency are indubitable since SUMKA/Pan-Iranist party were among the specific CIA-funded shock-troops on the streets of Tehran on that fateful day in 19 August 1953. Through its networks and linkages with the so-called North American alt-right as well as Alexander Dugin's own Russian and European-based Eurasianist networks, SUMKA/the Pan-Iranists are now back, active and with the face of Reza Jason Jorjani as spokesman who is the US editor-in-chief for Arktos publishers.

I have maintained for some time that Iran Press TV and other circles in the Islamic Republic of Iran are making a great strategic mistake, and with potentially catastrophic consequences, by associating with various Anglo-European white supremacists and neo-Nazis because these people are opportunists, have no loyalty to Iran or its people, and that they would turn on Iran on a dime. One of the reasons that I decided to forego appearing on Press TV as a pundit anymore (since September 2016) is precisely because the policy continues by Press TV in inviting fascists, crypto-fascists and assorted white supremacist Anglo-American right-wingers to be among its commentariat. While RT's tilt to the far-right since 2014 is understandable, given the nature of the crypto-fascist Putinist regime, Press TV's does not. The ideals of the Islamic Revolution and its founder are diametrically opposed to everything these people are about, and they are merely using Press TV for their own self-serving purposes. Press TV should stop giving these people a platform because they are not Iran's well-wishers.

Be that as it may, Reza Jason Jorjani is clearly a "regime change" advocate whose organizational affiliation is with groups (i.e. SUMKA/Pan-Iranist party) who are widely known to be funded and controlled by the Israeli intelligence establishment. In his close proximity are also Alexander Dugin -- whose own linkage to the Kremlin is not even in dispute anymore -- and an assortment of North American alt-rightists prominent as Trump campaigners, many of whom also maintain their own ties and connections to the  incoming Trump administration. Authorities in the Islamic Republic of Iran need to be vigilant because the wolf dressed up as a sheep is always a wolf and never a sheep.